Event rooms rent- birthday, team building, meeting rooms

You can choose between 4 different rooms that differ in size and character.

Depending on the nature of the event and the number of people, we will find the perfect fit for you. All of our rooms are equipped with home kitchen stations. It is also possible to use the presentation equipment available on site.

Fire hall

Our cozy "Fire Hall" can accommodate up to 24 people and is distinguished from other rooms by its authentic stone oven. Some of the menus we offer are designed specifically for cooking on a live fire in a genuine and original way. There are a total of four home kitchens in the Fire Hall. For a larger group, the Fire Hall can be connected to the Large Hall next door and thus accommodate nearly 60 people.

24 persons
4 home kitchens

Great hall

Our largest hall can seat up to 30 people and you can cook in five different stations. If desired, it is possible to combine this hall with the Fire Hall and accommodate approximately 60 people.

30 persons
5 home kitchens

Small hall

The smallest cozy room can seat up to 14 people and is equipped with two home kitchens.

14 persons
2 home kitchens

Outdoor kitchen

The modern Indian tent (Toiduakadeemia Püstkoda) is located on the beautiful territory of the Estonian Open Air Museum and is a great place for organizing events and gastronomic experiences that really differentiate. Up to 30 people can sit in the tepee all year round, and significantly more during the summer period using additional tent. The beating heart of the Püstkoda is the living fire, which also gives warmth and creates a cozy feeling during the winter period. There is also an outdoor kitchen, equipped with various grills, on which all hot dishes are cooked. Among them is the extremely appreciated, showy Ofyr grill, specially designed for social cookings.

30 persons
4 outdoor kitchens