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Customers feedback

Food Academy is in many ways a good place for organizing company events. All our team members felt they were involved in the joint activity. In addition to a greater sense of unity, we also received many inspiring tips on how to be more efficient in your own kitchen. The nicest part was eating the delicious dishes made by ourselves in the end of the evening while sharing great experiences received during cooking. Thanks to professional help and advice the dishes we cooked were extremely delicious. We do recommend the Food Academy to all other food lovers for organizing great team events.

Kristin Allik

Assistant, Kühne + Nagel

It was a very nice and surprising experience. We celebrated  the end of a big-scale project in Food Academy with our team. I do dare to advertise the Food Academy to my friends. The place itself as well as the interior design are very good. The food was extra good and also the chef who guided us. The service was pleasant. Absolutely much better than a dinner at a restaurant!

Bo Henriksson

Head of ABB Baltic

Visiting the Food Academy with an international (Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Estonia) company, we experienced something unprecedented. Never before had there been so much communication within our team than at this event. The skillful head chef Tarvo managed to melt a crowd of 24 people and make it work together. In addition to joint cooking, we sat down at a long table and had a spectacularly delicious 5-course dinner. We would very much like to thank the entire team of the Food Academy and definitely recommend this very place to international companies for getting better acquainted with each other.

Kadri Veisner

Teacher and fashion specialist at Tallinn Industrial Education Center

The Food Academy is a great place to organize corporate events as all team members felt involved in the joint activity. In addition to a greater sense of unity, the event brought with it many inspirational tips on how to make your day more efficient in the kitchen. And by the end of the evening, it was also fun to eat your own appetizing dishes and to impress and share the cozy atmosphere. The dishes made were truly delicious thanks to the help and advice of the professionals. We recommend the Food Academy for organizing team events for other food enthusiasts.

Kristel Karjus

DNB, Partner Manager

To the nice people of the Food Academy – you create a very pleasant atmosphere both at your own home (the Food Academy) and outside, wherever the client wishes to invite you in order to organize a fun social cooking event. With you, work and pleasure come together. The division of work is well thought through and the superb dishes get cooked as if by themselves. In addition to new tasty recipes we got as a bonus good tips in cooking which could later put into use at our homes. It has been a pleasure to participate with our team in preparing dinner at the Food Academy as well as in an outdoor event at holiday center, where a rich barbecue dinner was cooked as a result of our joint work. Many, many thanks to you!

Kristiin Tael

R-Kiosk, accountant

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