• Sales negotiations in a unique way
  • Good tool for creating and maintaining customer relationships
  • Becoming friends with your client is guaranteed


If you would like to reinforce the relationship with your clients, thank your partners for good cooperation or hold sales negotiations in a unique way, organize your client day at the Food Academy.

Social cooking creates a suitable environment for a pleasant conversation. Your sales people will work together with your clients as one team. While cooking, you can talk about work-related matters and discuss business. In the course of preparing great dishes together, you will have excellent possibility to get to know each other better and communication barriers will disappear, creating a favorable ground for fertile future cooperation.

Following the cookery session, the company will get seated at the table and enjoy the delicacies prepared together. By the end of the event you have gained highly positive experience together with your clients.

Price from 75 euros + VAT(20%) per person.

Minimum budget for a privat event in Tallinn is  820 + VAT(20%) and in Tartu 720 + VAT(20%).
Duration: five hours.

For additional information and event booking please fill in the form below, and we will prepare an offer for you.