Summer events

If you are about to arrange corporate summer days, a reception, a customer or some other plain-air event, The Food Academy offers you a unique chance to make this day memorable for your guests.

We have been arranging hearty Grill & BBQ events for our lovely customers for many years now, and we will gladly continue to do this guided by the leading BBQ master of Estonia, Tarvo Kullama.

In addition we bring you an exciting fresh format – Oriental style wok cooking. During the event we will share the pleasure of magnificent combinations of taste and find a whole new use for regular vegetables.

  • Where: we shall come wherever the customer invites us – any place in Estonia.
  • For how many: 15 -100 persons.

We may also provide a memorable competition format.
Price min. 75 EUR / person. VAT shall be added to the price.

Example menus:


  • Vegetable salad with a touch of lime – YUM JAE
  • Pork tenderloin wok with mushrooms and ginger – PHAD MOO NAM MAN HOI
  • Chicken with cashew nuts –  GAI PHAD MED MAMUANG
  • Spicy tiger prawn wok with basil – GOONG PHAD NAM PRIK PHAOW
  • Fried vegetable rice – KHAO PHAD JAE
  • Steamed rice – KHAO SUAI


  • BBQ stove baked pork tenderloin with black currant gravy
  • Foil-baked salmon fillet with ginger and soy sauce icing
  • Grilled beef liver with incredible fried onions
  • Crunchy veggie fingers
  • Grilled bananas with strawberry-and-peppermint salsa

For additional information and event booking please fill in the form below, and we will prepare an offer for you.

If you are looking for a pleasant event with more time for communication and less time for cooking, then please have look at the possibilities of our tepee.

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