Corporate clients

Social cooking is not merely cooking together, but a great chance to reinforce team spirit, facilitate induction of new team member(s), celebrate commencement or completion of a project, develop client relationships or organize a different kind of a seminar day.

An event at the Food Academy is a combination of a memorable restaurant experience and social interaction in a tension free atmosphere.

Cooking together is the best way for uniting people and strengthening cooperation.

An evening with us

  • Upon arrival at the Food Academy, you will be welcomed by our helpful waiter.
  • All participants will receive recipes and a welcome drink.
  • The event will be launched by a Food Academy chef, who will introduce you the menu and divide the participants into teams. The task of each team will be to prepare one course of an up to five-course menu.
  • Next we will go to the kitchen and the cooking can commence! The chef will guide and, if necessary, assist you in preparing and serving the food. The waiter will be serving wine and ensure the availability of all appliances needed for cooking.
  • In about two hours, the dishes will be ready and the party can take a seat at the table and enjoy the delicious food prepared by themselves. We will be serving tea and coffee to go with the delicacies, as well as wine, beer or cocktails, if desired.
  • The waiters will bring the food to the table and assist you in choosing suitable drinks.

Social cooking will provide a great dining experience, pleasant emotions, new skills and recipes for you to keep practicing.

Dishes prepared in Food Academy may contain allergens. The welfare of our customers is of utmost importance to us. Information about allergens can be received during the event form the chef or read on the ingredients packages.

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